Information - What is TVTower?

If I was head of programming, everything would be better


That is something all of us thought some day when feeling annoyed about the current programme. Now you have got the chance to change it.

TVTower is kind of a remake to the ancient but still brilliant game MadTV and therefor the concept of our game is closely based on it.

Within the game multiple players compete in real time against each other. Objective is to manage a tv station. Therefor it is required to place advertisements to finance your programmes and to broadcast movies and news shows to reach a bigger audience. But your rivals never sleep. If you do not pay attention you will rapidly have no great movies, no audience, no money, no future.

The audience is splitted into target groups/jobs and genders. All of them have different needs regarding the broadcasted programmes. Also they have different times to watch tv.

So you have to reconsider if broadcasting "Manager today" monday 11am is preferable to "Having fun being unemployed".

Movies - like already mentioned - are needed to attract audience. But you should be aware what target group you gear towards. So fans of action movies and advertisements for detergents are a rare minority.

Maybe the movie "Sissi" would fit better.

Or are series a way better idea?

Naturally your audience is not interested in watching the same old movies over and over. That is why you need to collect a bigger and bigger getting archive of movies and series. Why? So you can give your programmes a breather. Or is it a better idea to invest in your own productions? And... where to get all the money for this plans?

For sure, your audience has to stop for a pee - so take the chance to send advertisements. But to have advertisements to send you have to sign some contracts in advance. But you are wrong if you believe that advertisements is a source of never ending money.

Because the advertisers have nothing to gift and if you are not able to broadcast all needed ad spots within time or with less audience than needed you will have to pay a big penalty instead of creating a nice income.

One possibility to increase audience is to produce a news show. Theay attract audience and some of them keep watching your channel for the next programme.

But who is interested in things already happened 5 minutes before?!? The most recent news are important and these are only ... like everything in life - available for a higher price.

But how to get more money? Logically with a greater audience. This literally cries for expansion. To increase audience reach it is possible t make new broadcasting areas available. The less players are broadcasting in such an area the less players are sharing that audience. So roll up your sleeves and get to work - before the others approach too...

So, Mister programme director, show us your stuff!


  • Remake of MadTV
  • Be the programming head of a TV channel
  • lifelike population density and audience/ratings calculation provide chances for strategists
  • up to 4 players
  • free of costs / freeware