Features - Why TVTower?

If you watch one of these reboots and remakes of your favorite movies you often ask yourself: "Why all those remakes if there is an original which is much better?". And it is exactly this question which some of you might ask themselves.

The answer is shockingly easy: Our remake is 1000x besser than the original. And this is because of:

  • It is free of costs. Yes, freeware!
  • There is a multiplayer mode planned. This will enable you to play with your mates over LAN or internet. Show them how to win. (existing network code disabled for now - requires a freshly done conception)
  • Playable with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Higher in-game resolution: instead of 320x200 now 800x600 (more is planned with a different image set). Effects like alpha blending allow smooth shadows and other things for hovering etc.)
  • New music and soundeffects with higher playback quality.
  • All movies, ad contracts, story books, ...are available in editable text files (XML).
  • The calculation of the audience quotes/ratings is much more realistical than in the original game. (Link: Details)
  • Like in the original there are stations which you have to place to increase the area of broadcasting. Here we use a population density map to rebuild real regions in Germany. The game also features access to satellites and cable networks.
  • Now we broadcast 24 hours a day.
  • The production of shows is more advanced thanin the original game. It is even possible to produce a surprising success. The cast you chose are connected to trends and popularities. You are the forge of stars.
  • News agencies provide you with news. Depending on level of abonnement they deliver the news earlier or later to their clients - you and your rivals.
  • The game simulates sport leagues (soccer etc.) including match reports (news), live broadcasts, playoffs, changing of team members...

Audience calculation

What is a TV channel without its audience? Exactly, nothing!

That is why we sacrificed much time and work to create a reality-like calculation of audience quotes. This gives the players a bigger scope of action when managing its programme plan.

  • The most important improvement compared to MadTV 1: There is rivalty between the channels now! Means: now your audience quotes depend on the quotes of your rivals. All players share the audience within the broadcasting area.
  • There are now multiple target groups with individual spare time and requirements to the broadcasted programme.
  • Series gain more audience, the longer they run on the same spot. (not yet fully included in game)
  • The image of a channel is calculated for each target group individually. So it has a way higher influence on the resulting quote. Also the image is no longer connected to the image of the rivals. Now you can gain on image without other channels having to decrease theirs.
  • We pay attention to psychological effects like "audience flow". Means: a movie running after a movie with an similar genre, more people keep watching your channel.
  • During a movie (at the end of a block) people may change the channel. They do this if there is a more exciting programme on another channel.
  • The game divides into game years and a fixed amount of days for each of them. Using this days we can include seasonal effects.
  • Movies / Series lose topicality with each day - they "age". Naturally new movies get released during the years. So the old "classics" are able to move into the night times. This solves the problem of running "the same movies all day" like in MadTV 1.


  • Multiplayer planned (base done but requires fundamental reconception)
  • Improved audience calculation
  • Newer and more movies and series
  • better in game resolution
  • running on Windows / Mac / Linux
  • free of costs / freeware